When planning the perfect corporate event at a food hall, start by identifying your goals and objectives. Determine whether you want a formal setting for presentations and discussions or a more casual reception. Collaborate with our friendly food hall managers to customize the space accordingly, ensuring it aligns with the event’s purpose. Consider factors like registration, audio-visual equipment, and any additional services needed to create a seamless experience.

Next, work with our team to curate a diverse and appealing menu that caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Food is a central element in a food hall, and offering a range of options will enhance the overall experience for your guests. With twenty vendor stalls, the menu items are perfect to meet all your guests’ preferences. Our Events and Catering Manager works closely with all the Food Hall Restaurant Partners to create a tailored menu that reflects the theme of your event and accommodates any and all dietary restrictions. A well-thought-out food selection can contribute significantly to the success of your corporate gathering.

Lastly, incorporate engaging activities to foster networking and team building. Utilize the communal nature of a food hall by organizing interactive food stations, tastings, or team challenges. Encourage attendees to explore the diverse culinary offerings while providing opportunities for meaningful connections. With dozens of onsite enhancements, our team will help you choose the perfect experiences for your group. Whether you want to set up a putting competition or host a sommelier lead wine tasting, we have you covered.

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